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    Isbouh Commemoration of The Late Najat Bazzi-Nasereddine And Arbaeen Commemoration of The late Iman Abdelkarim Al-SaghirI In Dearborn.

    The Islamic institute of knowledge in Dearborn held Isbouh commemoration of the late Najat Bazzi-Nasereddine and Arbaeen commemoration of the late Iman Abdelkarim Al-Saghir. The MC for these 2 commemorations was Mr. Hassan Bazzi (abo Tarek)The beginning was blessed by reciting some Koran then Sheikh Baker Berry delivered a speech in the spirit of these events. Finally, these commemorations work included by a Majles recited by Sheikh Mahmoud Alkhouzaai .


    Ismail Jomaa / Dearborn.org

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