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    Record Number Of Firearms Discovered At U.S. Airports Last Year

    Authorities confiscated 3,957 firearms at U.S. airports last year, a 17 percent increase on 2016 according to datareleased by the Transportation Security Administration. 84 percent of the guns were loaded at the time of discovery while 34.8 percent even had a round chambered. On average, 76.1 firearms were discovered at U.S. airports every single week in 2017, 10.8 per day. The number of guns showing up at security checks has been rising steadily since the TSA started tracking the figures in 2005. In 2007 for example, only 803 were found at U.S. airports, someway short of nearly 4,000 today.
    Last year, security officials intercepted firearms at 239 out of 440 federalized airports. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport ranked first for discoveries with 242 guns, followed by Dallas Fort Worth International with 211 and George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston with 142. Guns aren’t the only type of hazardous item causing problems for security officials. The TSA noted that other items confiscated at airports last year included live smoke grenades, a live flashbang device, gun powder, a replica suicide vest, a sword cane, inert hand grenades and even an inert M107 howitzer projectile.