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    In Syria, a robot assassin with a gun “Sturmgever” of the Wehrmacht

    Terrorists from the pro-American so-called “Syrian army” demonstrated a remotely-controlled shooting machine. As a weapon used a German machine gun during the Second World War.
    As you know, in the 50-60s, the Syrian army was armed with a significant number of “Sturmgevers”, which in the 70’s completely replaced with Kalashnikovs. 
    The weapons that were released were concentrated on army depots, which were looted at the beginning of the civil war. StG 44 still from time to time flicker in every kind of militants.
    Experts point out that this installation, if disguised, can certainly present a certain danger. However, the lack of the ability to move will lead to the rapid destruction of this homemade robotic assassin.  
    As you can see in the photo, StG 44 is mounted on a special rather primitive looking device. A video camera is attached to the optical sight, which transmits the image to the monitor. The control is implemented using the joystick.

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