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    Child locks mother’s iPhone for 48 YEARS after repeatedly entering the wrong passcode and it could happen to YOU

    A two-year-old boy has locked his mother’s iPhone for 48 years after repeatedly entering the wrong passcode.
    A mother in Shanghai left her son to watch ‘educational videos’ on her smartphone but returned to find it had been locked for 25 million minutes.
    Apple’s iPhones can be set to lock out anyone trying to use them if a wrong passcode is entered with the lockout period increasing with each failed attempt, but it is not clear how many times the child typed in the wrong numbers.
    In a post to online forum Mumsnet, the woman, identified only be her surname Lu, shared a picture of her locked device.
    She said she took her eye off her phone and her son long enough for the toddler to keep putting in the wrong passcode, but did not say how long the child had been left unattended.
    ‘I couldn’t really wait for 48 years and tell my grandchild it was your father’s mistake,’ Ms Lu told Chinese media, according to the South China Morning Post.
    Ms Lu has waited for two months but has seen no sign of the problem rectifying itself, reports suggest.
    She has considered rebooting the phone but does not want to as it would mean losing all her pictures, contacts and other files.
    A phone technician at an Apple store in Shanghai was quoted as saying the woman could either wait half a century or wipe the handset via a factory reset.

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