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    Royal treasures, antique furniture… and a two-bar electric heater: Inside Buckingham Palace’s Audience Room where the Queen met the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince

    Standing on a French carpet from the 17th century beneath a glittering chandelier, the Queen certainly offered theSaudi Arabian Crown Prince a taste of British royal finery when he visited Buckingham Palace today.
    But it would be interesting to know what the visiting billionaire made of the monarch’s decidedly modest means of heating the high-ceilinged Audience Room.
    For tucked away in the ornate fireplace, just feet from where the Queen and Mohammed bin Salman shook hands, was a tiny two-bar electric heater.
    The plastic-cased appliance, which costs less than £30 from the high street, can be seen glowing orange in the background of photos taken of the private audience today.
    The Crown Prince was received by the Queen, 91, as Britain rolled out the red carpet for his three-day visit. 
    He enjoyed a meeting with Her Majesty in the Audience room before joining her and her son, the Duke of York, for lunch. 
    The Saudi royal then travelled to Downing Street for high powered talks with Theresa May and a security briefing with British intelligence. He will later join the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for dinner. 
    Despite the best efforts to make the Crown Prince feel welcome, the trip threatens to be overshadowed by protests against his controversial war in Yemen. 
    However any suggestion of controversy or strain was far removed from the civility between the Queen and her guest inside the Audience Room, captured in these photos. Here, a closer look at the treasures on display…

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