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    “Coca-Cola for the first time will begin to produce alcoholic beverages

    American Coca-Cola, the world’s largest manufacturer of soft drinks for the first time in its 125-year history will begin to produce alcoholic beverages.
    The company intends to enter the rapidly growing market of low-alcohol carbonated beverages “Zhuhai” in Japan is dominated by Japanese brands such as Strong Zero, Highball, Lemon and Slat, writes the Financial Times. The alcohol content in drinks Zhuhai is usually from 3% to 8%, making them an alternative to beer. In addition, the market offers hundreds of different flavors of these shakes, making them popular among women.
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    This step in Coca-Cola called “unique in the history of the company.” Management believes that the Japanese division of Coca-Cola, it makes sense, given how large is the market in Zhuhai.
    A few months ago, analysts at Wells Fargo talked about the possibility that Coca-Cola will soon announce the release to market of alcoholic beverages. During the meeting with investors in November last year, chief Executive officer of Coca-Cola’s James Quincey did not exclude the possibility of such a step, but did not provide any reasons for this reason.
    The fact that the company intends to experiment with alcoholic beverages, became known from an interview with the President of the Japanese division of George, Gardunio published on the website of Coca-Cola.
    Answering the question about what new products the company will release to the market in 2018, Garduno declared intention of Coca-Cola to try in Japan, hand in the product category “Zhuhai” – “sweet drinks containing alcohol”, which traditionally includes alcoholic beverage Shochu, carbonated water and flavorings.
    According to the Japanese alcohol producer Suntory, the market growth rate of Zhuhai in 2013 ranged from 5% to 25% per year.
    According to Gardunio, plans of Coca-Cola to enter the market are an example of what the company is looking for development opportunities outside of key business. “Coca-Cola has always focused solely on soft drinks and it’s a little experiment for a particular niche of our market,” he said.

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