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    WATCH Ukrainian jet BURNING during minute-long descent before crash near Tehran

    Footage purportedly showing the last moments of the Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 that crashed in Iran, killing 176 on board, has emerged online. The burning plane was airborne for about a minute before plummeting to its fiery doom.

    The video was apparently shot by a motorist who was driving near the Iranian capital on Wednesday. It shows a bright flaming dot in the skies – apparently the Ukrainian jet – slowly moving towards the ground.

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    New for the that shows the plane on fire for around 56 seconds before it crashed

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    The plane remains airborne for about a minute before crashing and exploding in a massive fireball on the horizon.

    The causes of the crash remain unknown and the official investigation has only begun. The incident, however, has already prompted allegations that the aircraft might have been downed by an Iranian surface-to-air missile, though no actual proof for that has been provided yet. Tehran, for its part, has firmly rejected such accusations.


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