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    Apple to kill notch with new display design for next iPhone

    Surprising reports have been surfacing on the Korean website lately. It states that Apple is planning to ditch the most controversial ‘notch’ of its recent iPhone X for the upcoming iPhones in 2019 (the same company which pushed the consumers to “embrace the notch”) It also says that Apple is planning to completely redesign the display by removing the ‘notch” (which is also being implemented by other Android manufacturers like Asus and Oppo as well).
    According to ETNews, a Korean website says “Apple decided to get rid of notch design starting from 2019 models and is having discussions with relevant companies.” said an industry representative. “It seems that Apple is planning to implement full-screen that is more complete in its new iPhones.”
    However, the report didn’t confirm about the details of how Apple is going to tackle by ditching this ‘notch’ as the outright Face ID tech including front camera and other respective sensors are embedded in it. The report also speculates that Apple is trying an alternative of embedding the Face ID in the display instead of an annoying notch.
    ”Suppliers are interested in how Apple will be able to place receiver, front-camera, and Face ID feature and implement full-screen at the same time. Some display industries think that Apple will either drill holes into OLED panels or use BM (Black Matrix) area within displays,” mentioned in the report.
    Apple’s biggest contender Samsung already has a patent for drilling holes in the display while Apple also does have patents, which can also be embedded in the display.
    Keep in mind that Apple is rumoured to be producing three iPhones this year, in which all the phones are supposed to have a notch with the Face ID feature as well.
    Trusting the source and if these rumours are believed to be true, we can expect the future displays from Apple and other rivals like Samsung to have zero bezels with glowing full OLED screens in the front. So, are you up for it?