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    Trump’s requirement to meet Kim is not to conduct nuclear or missile tests

    US President Donald Trump’s condition for meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is not to conduct nuclear or missile tests, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Sunday.
    Asked about remarks by White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders on Friday that there would be no meeting without concrete action by North Korea, Mnuchin said in NBC comments: “There should be no confusion.”
    “The president explained that the conditions are not to conduct nuclear tests and not to conduct missile tests and this will be a condition until (the date) of the meeting.”
    After months of mounting tension over North Korea’s development of its nuclear and missile programs, Trump agreed on Thursday to meet the North’s leader and become the first US president to decide to do so while in office.
    Trump said on Saturday his planned talks with the North’s leader could end without agreement or could lead to “the world’s greatest agreement” to free the Korean Peninsula from nuclear weapons.
    Menuchin rejected criticism of Trump’s decision to contribute to improving North Korea’s status at the international level. Trump had also been criticized for not relying more on diplomacy to contain Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions, he said.
    “Now we have a situation in which the president is using diplomacy, but we are not stopping the intense pressure campaign,” he said. “That’s the big difference here. Sanctions still exist. The military situation is still the same, so the president will sit down and see if he can reach an agreement.”
    The aim of the meeting between the two leaders is to denuclearize the Korean peninsula, he said.
    “Our position is very clear … this is the goal and this is what we will achieve.”

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