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    World’s ‘most expensive’ dog jacket worth £1million made of diamonds and gold and can protect against knife attacks

    The world’s ‘most expensive’ dog jacket is another way for the super-rich to flaunt their wealth – and keep their beloved pets safe from attacks.
    Priced at a staggering £1million, the 24-carat gold accessory has protective armour that can be adorned with black diamonds and Swarovski crystals, depending on the owner’s budget.
    But it doesn’t just allow “uber-wealthy” types to show off.
    As fancy as it is, the Doggy Armour vest is designed to protect a dog from knives and bites from other animals in case they are attacked.
    The UK firm has partnered with VeryFirstTo, which creates ultra-opulent items for the one per cent, to produce the lavish accessory.
    It is said to be “super lightweight” and is billed as the most expensive dog jacket in the world.
    Marcel Knobil, founder of VeryFirstTo, said: “Your precious pooch will both be well protected and resplendent in glittering gold. You’ll never see a more golden Labrador, dashing Dachshund, cavalier King Charles Spaniel, or pompous Pomeranian.”
    A percentage of proceeds will fund the making of armoured jackets to protect dogs accompany anti-poaching teams on missions to keep endangered animals such as elephants, rhinos and tigers safe in Africa.
    Dogs on these missions encounter poachers with knives, machetes, guns and spears, and the armour is designed to offer them maximum protection whilst also enabling flexibility, speed and comfort.
    Doggy Armour wrote on its Facebook page: “We have been working again with VeryFirstTo creating this 24K real gold jacket for those uber-wealthy clients.
    “What’s best is the sales of these jackets allow us to make even more anti-poaching jackets to donate. They start from £750 and can well exceed an eye-watering £1 million plus depending on our client’s needs.”
    VeryFirstTo said: “There has not been a single dog fatality whilst wearing Doggy Armour.”
    Elodie A Sampéré, of Ol Pejeta wildlife conservancy in Kenya, added: “The dogs are always at the forefront of the battle and too often have to face armed poachers in very difficult and life-threatening situations.”

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