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    Kayden Strong’s story: Boy born on Valentine’s Day still thriving after heart transplant

    Fourteen years ago Kayden Strong was born on Valentine’s Day.

    Doctors quickly discovered he would need a heart transplant to survive. His family shared their story with Local 4 as they waited for the gift of life. Fourteen years later they’re sharing what a gift it has been for them.

    After a heart transplant Kayden Strong’s heart is still healthy. He said people are shocked when they discover he’s a heart recipient. His doctor at Children’s Hospital said kids like Kayden Strong are a shining example of what organ donation can do.

    “They are sort of walking around miracles,” Dr. Jennifer Blake said. “This is what organ donation is. People are always waiting for some miracle to happen. It is a miracle. It is a blessing.”

    Kayden’s family has never heard from his donor’s family, but they are grateful to them. Kayden Strong hopes his story will encourage others to join the donor registry.


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