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    Married couple discover they were pictured in same photo 11 years before they met

    A couple were shocked to discover that they were pictured in the same photo some 11 years before they met. 
    In the photo taken in Qingdao, east China in 2000, Ms Xue can be seen smiling for the camera in front of a sculpture while in the corner, her future husband poses for a photo.
    The couple met in 2011 in Chengdu through mutual friends and in a bizarre twist of fate, had their wedding photos taken in Qingdao.
    They only made the discovery on 4 March, according to the Chengdu Business Daily.
    Mr Ye, 35, found the photo and told reporters: “I looked at the photos and I was so surprised I got goosebumps all over my body.”
    He said he then told his wife and they were excited.
    Mr Ye told his friends: “It was a magical feeling because I was also there on that day.”
    He told reporters: “It was the first time I visited Qingdao and I took photographs in front of the landmark.”
    On the same day, Ms Xue went to the landmark at May Fourth Square with her mother.
    Mr Ye said: “Her mother had just recovered from an operation and went to Qingdao to relax.”
    Little did they know that some 11 years later they would officially meet each other for the first time.
    The pair met in 2011 through mutual friends and married a year later, even taking their wedding photos in Qingdao.
    They now have two twin daughters and hope to go back to the same spot.