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    This Arab woman is celebrating her divorce with a “divorce party”

    Egyptian woman based in US celebrated her freedom from a troublesome marriage in style. Her videos are going viral on Facebook as she throws herself a “divorce party” which is attended by her friends. Cenderella Nana streamed her live videos directly from her party captioning it “My divorce party, thank God. One of the most beautiful days of my life.”
    In the now viral videos she is seen wearing a white dress with a floral crown (treating herself like a princess) , dancing and cutting her divorce cake. Nana did face some backlash but was hailed by the most she is seen as the ground breaker.
    After her party Nana posted an hour long video answering the details and giving the attackers a shutup call with the harsh reality of her marriage. She stated how her husband verbally and physically abused her before they were set to hold their wedding celebrations. Even days after signing their marriage contract. During an incident her ex pulled her out of the car and threw her on the road calling the authorities saying she tried to commit suicide after which she had to undergo a psychiatric evaluation for three days.
    Nana claims that even though her ex knew about her pervious medical conditions as she is a cancer survivor, he would still abuse her and bring her down for her physical health issues. She also added how her husband only married her for her American citizenship by blackmailing her into signing legal documents stating she would pass on her American citizenship even if they get divorced.
    She even cleared that she only went through with this wedding because everyone was invited and she felt that canceling would make this a lot difficult. Even after getting married she tried to make things work like any girl would but with all the abuse she filed a divorce and sued him for his actions.
    She won all the cases and legal battles against him and now it’s her time to celebrated the freedom. She further clarifies how she is not promoting divorce but she is trying to send a message for all the women who are forcing themselves to stay in a relationship, it’s never or early to late to let go of relationships which hurt you.

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