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    Flexible horse does the downward dog during a yoga session with its owner

    California horse owner taught his steed how to do yoga alongside him.

    An adorable video captures the moment the owner and horse get down on their hands, knees and hooves in unison for the downward dog move.

    The heartwarming clip posted on March 11 begins with the Gilroy, California, owner approaching his black horse.

    ‘You ready? Let’s do our downward dog,’ the owner says.

    Right on cue the black horse looks at its owner then gets into position.

    The steed sets its front hooves above his head, bowing its neck then arching its back to match his owner’s movements.

    The horse keeps an eye on its owner to hold the stretch for the exact same amount of time.

    The two stay there for a couple seconds before rising up in unison.

    ‘Good boy!’ the owner says petting the animal on the head.

    As a reward the owner gives the horse a banana for the yoga session.

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