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    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Microsoft’s Bill Gates are competing to become the world’s richest man

    The battle for the title of ‘world’s richest man’ has taken a fresh twist.
    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, 53, may have pipped Bill Gates, 61, to the title after he added $6.5 billion (£5 billion) to his vast fortune yesterday.
    The jump came thanks to soaring Amazon share prices after its third quarterly earnings report beat expectations.
    Bezos now has a net worth of $90 billion (£69 billion), based on data from the Bloomberg Billionaire Index.
    Microsoft founder Gates still held the title at the market’s close yesterday, with a net worth of $88 billion (£67 billion), according to the index.
    It’s unclear if Gates’ fortune has made a significant leap since then, meaning Bezos may have taken top spot. The results should be confirmed when markets close today.
    But just where do these tech titans get their money from, and who will come out on top? 

    source : dailymail.co.uk