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    Video console death: US boy, 9, ‘kills sister, 13, over controller’

    A 13-year-old girl in Mississippi has died after allegedly being shot by her nine-year-old brother over a video game, police say.
    They said the boy grabbed a gun on Saturday afternoon after his sister would not give up the controller.
    He allegedly shot her from behind, and the bullet entered her brain.
    A local sheriff announced on Sunday that the teen had died of her injuries in a Memphis hospital. It was unclear how the boy obtained the gun.
    It is also unclear what consequences the nine-year-old will face.
    “He’s just nine,” Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell told the Clarion Ledger.
    “I assume he’s seen this on video games or TV. I don’t know if he knew exactly what this would do. I can’t answer that. I do know it’s a tragedy.”
    The children’s mother was in another room, feeding other children lunch at the time of the incident.
    Police are still investigating the circumstances of the shooting, including how the weapon – a .25 calibre handgun – was accessed.
    “This is all new ground for us, we’ve never dealt with a kid shooting a kid at age nine,” Sheriff Cantrell told local press.

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