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    Translation error Kuwait’s budget has suffered heavy losses

    Kuwait’s Ministry of Works reported a translation error 30 years ago that drained from Kuwait millions of dollars spent on unnecessary construction work to withstand the foundations of buildings in front of groundwater.
    The ministry conducted a study of the international standards in the construction projects. It pointed out that since 1987, it has been implementing a special item in its construction projects in a faulty manner due to a mistake in translating the technical terms from English to Arabic, resulting in the waste of hundreds of millions of dollars since that year.
    “The ministry corrected the mistake in the decision that was in effect and caused the waste of public funds for 30 years,” Ghaleb Shlash, deputy minister of works for construction projects, told the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai.
    He added that “the ministry succeeded after the correction in the provision of seven million Kuwaiti dinars, in the first two projects are implemented in the correct form of technical terms.”
    He explained that “the material losses suffered by the Treasury during this period, resulted from the wrong calculation of the water level on which the concrete is based so that the buildings resist the soil soils that may result from groundwater flow, where calculations require pouring excessive amounts of concrete unnecessarily to her”.
    “We studied the international standards, and we reached after the correspondence of the international offices in this regard that the specifications in English were correct, but they were translated into Arabic wrongly, which forced the ministry to act immediately to stop repeating this mistake.” Finished 25 k
    source : alray  

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