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    Europe’s first underwater restaurant to open in 2018

    Seafood restaurants often have a habit of placing giant fish tanks inside their dining rooms, but a new restaurant in Scandinavia is putting its dining room inside a giant fish tank (of sorts).
     A restaurant called Under, which is slated to open near the Norwegian village of Båly, will become Europe’s first underwater restaurant upon opening in the North Atlantic Ocean in 2018. Situated on the country’s southern coast, the structure that houses the restaurant will straddle both the land and the sea — the entrance being at the water’s edge, and the dining area installed on the ocean floor.
    “More than an aquarium, the structure will become a part of its marine environment, coming to rest directly on the sea bed five meters below the water’s surface,” writes Snøhetta, the architecture firm designing the restaurant.
    The restaurant itself will be comprised of three levels, according to Snøhetta. The first is more or less a lobby, or “wardrobe area.” A “Champagne bar” is located one level down, decorated with “subdued” colors evocative of “shells, rocks and sand.” Dining tables are located on the lowest level, which also boasts muted lighting, a blue-and-green color scheme and a panoramic window overlooking the aquatic life on the seabed.
    The restaurant floor can accommodate between 80 and 100 diners.
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