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    Father buys six-year-old daughter pistol so she can shoot back if school is attacked

    America has more mass shootings than every other civilized country. After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, in which 17 people were killed, the surviving students have ignited a movement. They’re demanding adequate legislation to stop the epidemic of gun violence, such as by banning the AR-15, enforcing universal background checks and making it illegal for a mentally ill person to buy a gun. (The Parkland shooter was 19, mentally ill, and legally purchased the AR-15, which he used to commit the massacre).
    However, it’s difficult to pass any new gun control legislation, because so many lawmakers are corrupt, accepting millions of dollars each year from the NRA. Also, gun owners are successful at spinning even the most minor gun restriction as “taking everyone’s guns away.” Rather, they propose an alternative solution: The schools should arm the teachers, or hire an armed guard who is a military veteran or police officer. (Even though there was an armed guard at Parkland.) We’ve heard a lot of debate about all this recently – but how about arming the students?
    Most kids get toys for their fifth birthday. Adriana MacDonald got a 22 caliber Ruger. Her, father, Joshua, 26, got her the pistol because she struck up an interest in his shooting hobby. Now they go out together every weekend in Tilton, New Hampshire, to fire some rounds. Despite her youth, Joshua insists his daughter knows how to safely handle the weapon. He believes those skills could come in handy, if her school is ever attacked”
    “With school shootings becoming so common these last few years [my fiancee and I] both want her prepared and ready to defend herself if at all possible with a firearm. New Hampshire just passed a new concealed carry law that requires nothing more then a simple pistol permit to keep a gun anywhere including your purse and my daughter already wants a pistol holding purse.”
    After training Adriana with a B.B. gun, they moved up to the 22 Ruger, picking that particular pistol because it has a light recoil. To those who didn’t grow up around guns, training a six-year-old to shoot may seem absurd. But in many rural areas across the U.S., it’s considered normal. Joshua says so long as you teach proper safety, six years old is not too young. When he was six, he started hunting with his dad, and he can’t wait to start the hunting tradition with his daughter. She loves shooting, just like him.
    “Adrianna has a blast shooting and enjoys taking our time learning the proper ways to handle firearms and especially making targets… I have been hunting and shooting since I was about six or seven and it was an avid part of my youth and a great deal of my good memories with my father were while hunting/shooting.
    “When I was growing up I had friends who showed interest in guns but didn’t have proper training with them or education. You could easily see the difference in how they handled a firearm. Honestly that scared me so I do my best to teach my family how to do it properly and safely.”
    Joshua does not oppose banning the AR-15, because he thinks that would not prevent anyone from getting it. According to him, they would just get it illegally. However, he does support arming teachers, as well as hiring armed guards that are retired marines or army veterans. Some people might criticize him for teaching his six-year-old daughter how to shoot. When asked what he would say to his critics, Joshua replied:
    “Get a grip and open your eyes. Scaring your children away from guns is not going to help the situation. Educate them, familiarize them with them, support them… Maybe your kid could be the one who ends up saving an entire school or club from a mass shooting…simply by educating them on the topic of guns and safe handling.”

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