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    Shocking moment angry diner throws a bowl of ‘BOILING SOUP’ towards a woman after her long hair brushed him by accident

     female diner in Taiwan has been seriously burnt after a man threw a bowl of boiling soup at her in a restaurant.
    The male diner, 57, and the woman, 33, had had an argument because her long hair had brushed him by accident, according to reports from Taiwanese media.
    The man insisted the woman’s behaviour was unhygienic.
    CCTV footage released by Taiwan’s EBC News shows the man grabbing a bowl of liquid before tossing it towards the woman’s face in Chiayi on March 20.
    The two were apparently in a hot pot restaurant, where customers cook raw ingredients with stoves and bowls of soup on their table.
    The male diner, known by his surname Huang, was eating with a female companion who sat opposite to him. The victim, known by her surname Chen, sat next to him.
    It’s said Ms Chen turned around to check her orders and her waist-length hair touched Mr Huang by accident. The man started yelling at her, according to EBC.
    Mr Huang accused Ms Chen of being unhygienic, but Ms Chen argued that it was unnecessary for him to yell at her so loudly.
    Seconds later, Mr Huang took the bowl of soup and splashed it on Ms Chen. 
    s Chen told Apple Daily that the soup was boiling and she had blisters on her face shortly afterwards.
    Restaurant staff immediately ran cold water on Ms Chen’s face and provided her with ice cubes. An ambulance was called.
    Ms Chen was diagnosed with first-degree and second-degree burns on her face and neck, which means some of the damage extended beyond the top layer of her skin.
    Mr Huang has expressed regret for his behaviour. He told the police that he had acted in a fit of rage.
    Ms Chen has filed a lawsuit against Mr Huang for causing grievous bodily harm, according to Apple Daily. 

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