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    The condolences in Memorie of the late Hajji Neyfe Mohamad Tahmaz, mother of the Lebanese consul in Detroit.

    the commemoration of the dearly departed Hajji Neyfe Mohamad Tahmaz, the mother of the Lebanese ambassador in Detroit, Mrs. Suzan Mouze Yaseen, The Islamic Center of America held a condolence ceremony for her departed soul. In attendance were some of The Arab-American community’s most active and influential representatives from the main religious, social, and cultural institutions. The ceremony began with the ritual recitation of the Holy Quran recited by Shaikh Yousef Yaseen then Dr. Nour El-Din Saab, Sh. Mohamad Mardini, Sh. Ahmad Hammoud and Mr. Zouheir Alawieh Who delivered the remarks in the spirit.
    The closing words were reserved for the Lebanese Ambassador Dr. Suzan, who expressed her gratitude to all the outpouring support that the community has provided to her and her family in these difficult times.

    Ismail Jomaa – Abbas Chehab / Dearborn.org

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