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    Metro Detroit hospitals brace for surge of coronavirus (COVID-19) patients

    DETROIT – Officials announced the first confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Michigan on March 10, 2020.

    Beaumont hospitals are now treating at least 650 COVID-19 patients, and have another 200 tests pending results.

    Beaumont officials have temporarily closed the emergency center at its hospital in Wayne to prepare for even more patients.

    The emergency room will become a makeshift intensive care unit, according to officials.

    Just days ago Beaumont’s CEO told the Detroit Free Press that the pandemic was a tsunami creating the hospital’s worst nightmare.

    Chief Operating Officer Carolyn Wilson had a different outlook.

    “The Beaumont Wayne team has the expertise and ability to respond quickly to meet the needs of our COVID-19 patients. When patients come to a Beaumont hospital to seek care for COVID-19, our physicians will assess them. If the hospital does not have the capacity to care for the patient, we will transfer more COVID-19 patients to Beaumont Hospital Wayne,” Wilson said.

    According to officials, patients who need emergency care, even for COVID-19, should go to the Beaumont Canton Emergency Center or another hospital.

    “We continue to monitor the shifting volumes and needs of our patients and teams across Beaumont to make the best decisions,” Wilson said. “I am confident the team at our Wayne hospital is ready to serve the needs of COVID-19 patients. We are sending additional staff, supplies and equipment to help support our phenomenal team at Wayne.”

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