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    Girl shows cancer symptoms, but doctors find the tumor in the twin

    The British media are dealing with an unusual case: a mother from Edinburgh, Scotland reports that a tumor was found in her daughter’s home . But while the girl was healthy all the time, his twin sister had shown disconcerting symptoms.
    Rebecca Walker’s daughters Sophie and Megan Walker are identical twinsand inseparable. The eleven-year-old girls would do everything together and even finish each other’s sentences.
    The only difference: Megan is quieter and more serious than the lively Sophie. This was reported by the mother of the British newspaper “Daily Mail” .
    Megan shows the symptoms of her sister’s cancer
    But in the past year Megan suddenly got worse and worse. Walker told the newspaper, “We were worried about Megan. She was pale and exhausted, not even herself anymore. “The girl was constantly complaining about nausea and losing weight.
    Walker and her husband Jaime went with Megan from doctor to doctor. But no one could tell why her daughter was so bad. Meanwhile, her twin sister Sophie seemed to be well all the time. 
    Last October, Sophie also began to vomit.
    Worried as both girls were struggling with nausea, the parents drove to the hospital. And this time the doctors found the cause – but only with Sophie:  kidney cancer .
    ►  Sophie suffers from Wilms’ tumor, the most common childhood malignant kidney tumor.
    ►  The symptoms: nausea, weight loss, fever and constant fatigue. 
    ►  While Sophie was healthy all the time, Megan showed symptoms of kidney cancer, Walker said.
    Megan had been well all the time, while her sister was suffering from a deadly disease unrecognized – the tumor had already reached a considerable size.
    The doctors are confident that Sophie will be well again
    Walker also said that the doctors attributed this unusual symptom to the fact that the girls were twins. “You think Megan Sophies showed symptoms before we even knew Sophie was sick,” Walker said.
    In a large twin study at  the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health , researchers found that twins often develop the same cancerous tumors. Scientific evidence that one twin shows the symptoms of the other’s disease, however, does not exist. 
    Sophie underwent a seven-hour operation in December, which removed the tumor and her kidney. This was followed by intensive chemotherapy, which she must continue until June. 
    The doctors, however, are confident that the girl will become perfectly healthy again. The prognosis for this cancer is good , the chances of recovery are about 85 percent.
    Sophie and Megan’s aunt asking for donations to the family
    Sophie is a brave fighter, as the family tells. She has to cope with the bad side effects of chemotherapy – but her sister is with her.
    Walker said, “When Sophie got her diagnosis, we were all desperate – but Megan hit her hard. They were always inseparable. “Her mother also said that both sisters lost five pounds during therapy. 
    Victoria Leask, aunt of the twins, asks for money on the Just Giving donation website : “I want to help my sister with her expenses and give Sophie something to look forward to.”