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    Egypt security forces free officer kidnapped during Western Desert shootout with terrorists

    Egyptian security forces freed on Tuesday a police officer who was kidnapped during the deadly shootout earlier this month between policemen and terrorists in Egypt’s Western Desert, state-owned news agency MENA reported.
    A security source told MENA that police officer Mohamed El-Hayes was freed in a morning operation.
    El-Hayes was found injured from a gunshot to the foot, and has been taken to a police hospital in Agouza for treatment.
    The officer had gone missing during the 19 October incident, which killed 16 policemen as they executed a raid on a terrorist hideout in Bahariya Oasis about 135 kilometers (83 miles) southwest of Giza.
    The Egyptian interior ministry has not yet released a statement on the rescue.
    El-Hayes’ brother, Atef, told Al-Ahram Arabic news website that the family spoke to El-Hayes on the phone, and that he seemed in high spirits.
    source : ahram.org.

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