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    These 6 Cars Have Been Named the Best in the World

    The 2018 New York Auto Show is underway, and as part of the festivities winners of the World Car of the Year award winners have been announced. Jurors include 82 automotive journalists from two dozen countries (including, it should be said, our very own Eric Adams). The Toronto-based non-profit organization, which has been operational since 2004 is chaired by Peter Lyon of Forbes. World Car Awards is “dedicated to ensuring that it is carried out with the utmost objectivity, credibility, and integrity.” Furthermore, not all the below are for sale in all markets: “By its nature, WCOTY includes some vehicles that may be unavailable in individual regions, and excludes others whose availability may be limited to those regions.”
    World Car of the Year
    2018 Volvo XC60 “It is stunningly beautiful amidst a background of bland competition — the sheet metal is outstanding, but inside design really shines, especially with the optional driftwood trim.”
    Two Reasons to Like the 2018 Volvo XC60 (And One Major Reason Not To)
    In a world of bland crossovers, the XC60 stands out — but it doesn’t handle like it should.
    World Luxury Car of the Year
    2018 Audi A8 “The headlining feature, which Audi calls “traffic jam pilot,” marks the biggest step towards full autonomous driving from any of the big three German brands. And yet, it’s incredibly disappointing, because it’s packaged in a car that looks as overly serious and terminally clinical as the Audi A8.”
    No Matter How Tech-Laden the Audi A8 Is, the S-Class Will Always Look Better
    Audi just launched the most technologically advanced production car they’ve ever put on the road.
    World Performance Car
    2018 BMW M5 “The M5 has always been the flag-bearer of hard-charging, track-ready performance sedans. With these changes — which of course merely add onto the changes present in the new 5-Series — it retains that title.”
    The 2018 BMW M5 Retains the Title of Ultimate, Berserk Sport Sedan
    BMW’s renowned engineering backs it all up, offering sharp, precise handling and plenty of power when you want and need it, but it also offers quite a bit of white-knuckle fun for those who like…
    World Car Design of the Year
    2018 Range Rover Velar “After many miles of cruising the gorgeous tarmac of rural Norway — amid the fjords and the deer-crossing signs — we tackled a variety of off-road challenges that included a climb straight up a ski mountain trail that’s clearly meant to be traversed when there’s already 36 inches of powder on top of it in order to smooth out the ride. No matter.
    The Elegant New Range Rover Velar Is an Off-Roader for Design Lovers
    Unlike other manufacturers, Land Rover builds vehicles suited to specific personalities.
    World Green Car
    2018 Nissan LEAF Whatever America’s official stance on the state of our climate it is, every other country’s thoughts are abundantly clear, seeing as how the Nissan Leaf is one of the best selling cars around the globe. And now, after an in-depth study, Kelley Blue Book has awarded the Nissan Leaf the 5-Year Cost to Own Award.” 
    One of the Best Selling Cars in the World Is Also One of the Cheapest to Own
    After an in-depth study, Kelley Blue Book has awarded the Nissan Leaf the 5-Year Cost to Own Award.
    World Urban Car
    2018 Volkswagen Polo “My first car was a Volkswagen Polo Mk1. Before that, I had two motorcycles. I left school at 15 and started working at 16. I had a 12-mile journey to work and my mom and dad weren’t going to get up every morning — but I needed transport, and it wasn’t going to be a push bike (bicycle).” 
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