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    campaign dinner on behalf of Fayrouz Saad a candidate Democrat for Congress.

    On the 29th of March 2018 a dinner was held at the Bint Jebail Cultural Center on behalf of Fayrouz Aref Saad a candidate Democrat for Congress representative of the State of Michigan in honor to support her campaign.
    Fayrouz stated the following : I’m a daughter of immigrants – Aref and Aida Saad, who came to the US in search of the American Dream. They build a life in Southeast Michigan as part of a community that has always worked hard and found prosperity in this country to build a better life for their family. I believe I am the product of the American Dream and entered a career in public service to protect this idea and give back to my country. I worked at all levels of government – working for State Representative Gino Polidori, President Barack Obama and Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan. I am now running for Congress because I want to fight to protect what we have build in Michigan and secure it for future generations. I am grateful to have everyone’s support! You can contribute and learn more about my campaign.


    Ismail Jomaa / Dearborn.org