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    An urgent message from Egypt to America

    Egypt sent an urgent message to America about the accident in the city of Manhattan.
    Where the Arab Republic of Egypt condemned in the strongest terms a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday evening, an abortive incident describing it as a “brutal terrorist”, which killed eight people and wounded a number of wounded.
    The statement expressed its sincere condolences to the families of the victims and to the friendly government and people of the United States, and wished speedy wellness to those injured.
    In its statement, Egypt stressed that the continued occurrence of such terrorist acts in many cities worldwide confirms unequivocally that the phenomenon of terrorism is a global phenomenon that indiscriminately targets all peoples beyond the geographical borders of States to intimidate and destabilize safe societies. Peace-loving peoples will firmly prevail in their firm resolve to eradicate terrorism from its roots and to drain its sources of support and funding.
    Cairo expressed Egypt’s solidarity with the government and people of the United States in these difficult circumstances and its intention to continue working and coordinating with all countries in the world to develop a comprehensive strategy to eradicate terrorism in all its forms and forms and to follow up its implementation in order to promote stability and security for all the peoples of the world.


    Source: Arabic Sputnik News


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