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    US retail companies face the biggest piracy in their history

    Gemini Consultancy, a digital security and computer security company, Of hackers stole bank data for five million credit cards, and offered some information about these bank cards for sale.
    Sputnik. According to the company, a group of pirates known as “JokerStash” behind the process, who announced a few days ago for the sale of information related to 1
     a report to the company, the clients of a number of commercial centers and retailers were victims of piracy, most inotably “Sachs Fifth Avenue” and “Lord and Taylor”,
    and that the victims of this piracy were stolen in the period from May 2017 until the time
    Most of the people affected by this piracy are employees of the Canadian firm Hudson’s Bay Co, most of whom live in New York and New Jersey.
    US President Trump’s hotel chain has not been spared piracy as well as retail clients such as Whole Foods, “Chipotle” and “Omni Hotels & Resorts.”
    Experts considered that piracy is the largest and most dangerous retail sector in the history of United States of America

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