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    White House hopes to avoid escalating trade sanctions with China Read more at http://voiceofpeopletoday.com/white-house-hopes-avoid-escalating-trade-sanctions-china/#QAkCq0yuHW4bPbCV.99

    The US administration hopes to avoid the exchange of trade sanctions with China, which will lead to an escalation of the conflict, said Peter Navarro, the adviser to the US president on trade and industrial policy, director of the national council for trade at the White House.
    “I do not think it will be like this: action is the answer, action is the answer.This should not be, it just leads along a spiral of escalation,” Navarro said on CNBC .
    He was asked to comment on the import duties imposed by China in response to the fees that US President Donald Trump imposed on a number of articles of Chinese imports to the United States.
    According to Navarro, Trump is determined to “align” the trade relations with China, that is, to make them more fair for the United States.
    Trump previously imposed high duties on imported steel and aluminum, including this product from China. Experts warned that this could lead to a trade war between the US and their foreign trade partners.

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