Dearborn News

    The vote of immigrants in the Lebanese elections is at stake.

    Soon before the beginning of the parliamentary elections scheduled for next May, which allows for the first time the immigrants to vote in the Lebanese parliamentary elections. A numbers of representatives of the Lebanese community have met Monday night on the ground of the Lebanese American Club. However the United States, which places a core Lebanese team, Hezbollah, on the list of terrorism and forbids dealing with it and providing any form of material support, especially since the new law does not allow the selection of candidates from the ballots . Based on the nature of the regulation along with the political alliances in Lebanon, most members of the Lebanese community in Dearborn will put themselves in front of the possibility of future legal accountability by the US authorities if they elected any of Hezbollah’s alliances on the same list because , as a result, they will be electing Hezbollah .


    Ismail Jomaa / Dearborn.org