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    Panama Withdraws Ambassador to Venezuela in Diplomatic Spat

    The Panamanian government cited Venezuela’s suspension of economic, commercial and financial relations with certain officials and companies, including Copa airline.
    Panama is withdrawing its ambassador to Venezuela following mutual allegations of corruption between the two nations, insisting Venezuela follow suit and withdraw its own ambassador.
    In a statement released late Thursday, the Panamanian government cited Venezuela’s suspension of economic, commercial andfinancial relations with certain Panamanian officials and companies, including Copa airline.
    “After analyzing the measures of Venezuela, the Panamanian government considers that it is a political reaction that lacks sustenance, and is adopted outside the international legal framework, adopted in retaliation for the actions announced by Panama,” the statement by Panama’s Foreign Ministry reads.
    “The Panamanian authorities are evaluating the impact of these measures in the economic and commercial sphere, in order to identify other possible future actions.”
    The statement did not make clear exactly when Panamanian Ambassador to Venezuela Miguel Mejia would leave his post, or the deadline by which Venezuelan Ambassador to Panama Jorge Duran Centeno should be withdrawn.
    Venezuela responded late Thursday by saying it would call its ambassador for a consultation: “The Bolivarian government rejects the unacceptable aggression of the anti-popular and corrupt government of President Juan Carlos Varela, against the people of Venezuela,” Executive Vice-President Tareck El Aissami posted on his Twitter account.

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