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    Doctors remove toothbrush from Kilifi man’s stomach

    Doctors at the Coast General Hospital on Friday successfully removed a toothbrush which was accidentally swallowed by a middle-aged man from Kilifi county.
    The team led by Dr Ramadhan Omar conducted an endoscopic procedure through which they retrieved the toothbrush that has been stuck in David Charo’s stomach since Sunday.
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    Endoscopy refers to the removal of ingested objects from the esophagus, stomach and duodenum by endoscopic techniques. It does not involve surgery.
    They opted for endoscopic technology since the toothbrush was rigid and could not pass fixed parts of the duodenum.
    The patient was earlier advised by his doctors to avoid eating solid food but instead drink fluids to avoid pushing the toothbrush further.
    Doctors declared Charo stable condition and will be discharged after recovery.
    The patient, in an interview with journalists, expressed sign of relief saying  is ready to be go home after successful operation.
    The incident occurred in Paziani village, Ganze in Kilifi county.
    Charo, a father of two, said he tried to pull out the toothbrush before it slid down into his throat with no success.
    Doctor Abi Mwachi at Coast general hospital said the cases are normal.
    He said 40 cases of swallowed toothbrushes have been reported worldwide. The youngest patient being a 18 year old girl.
    “Most of the patients are described are usually perfectly normal. People should to stop casting aspersion,” said Mwachi
    The incident sparked fears that someone cast an evil spell upon Charo.
    In 2013, Mombasa residents were treated to another bizarre incident after a cat was trapped in a jerrycan for four days in Kiembeni.
    Residents refused to rescue it, attributing the phenomenon to witchcraft.
    Locals believed that the cat was actually a human who was “unable to change back to normal after a ritual”.
    The cat was later rescued by well-wishers.