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    Injuries in California fire … and police: we will not tolerate hate crimes

    Four people were wounded in a drive-by shooting while on a highway in California, USA, on Wednesday.
    And local media said that the accident occurred at about three thirty in the afternoon on Highway 1-580 in Auckland.
    Media footage showed a black “sedan”, surrounded by police and investigators.
    The police had to close the road on one side, causing severe traffic and traffic disruption.

    A woman who was near the car that was attacked said two young men among the victims rushed to her, saying they were “bleeding”.
    She explained, according to statements reported by the “ABC” network, that this scene reminds her of the incident of George Floyd, in reference to the black American who spent during the arrest of a white policeman in Minneapolis last May 25, whose death sparked massive protests.
    And she said, “It reminded me of what Floyd said” I can’t breathe, “while they said,” I’m bleeding. I’m bleeding”.
    She explained that the two young men told her that a man and a woman who were with them in the car were also shot.

    The police did not formally indicate the identity or descriptions of the victims, nor did they identify the shooters.
    But Auckland police wrote in a tweet following the accident that it “will not tolerate any hate crime”:
    “The Auckland Police Department will not tolerate any form of hate crime. We are committed to serving our community and have set up a team to investigate any allegations of hate crime in Auckland,” the tweet said.


    source: al hurra

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