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    Behind the top-secret Russian military intelligence unit accused of paying insurgents to kill Americans in Afghanistan

    Some call it “Putin’s assassination squad.” Some say, “Russian killing squad.”

    So what exactly is the shadowy assemblage?

    “There’s no real U.S. analog. It’s like a mix of CIA and special forces,” Matthew Schmidt, associate professor of national security at the University of New Haven, told Fox News. “It’s trained to make mayhem. The overall goal is to destabilize targeted political systems, including in Europe, to attack the political will to maintain NATO, with other missions as opportunity allows, including the killing of traitors.”

    Ultimately, experts and analysts define it as something of an elite squad tasked with sabotage and targeted assassinations.

    Unit 29155 operates under Russia’s umbrella intelligence agency the GRU, officially termed the Main Directorate of the General Staff, which formed after the folding of the Soviet-era KGB. This specialized outfit is believed to have been birthed around 2008, two years after Russian President Putin legalized targeted killings on foreign soil and in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Georgia that same year.

    source:fox news

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