Netherlands is moving towards removing gender from the identity card

    The Netherlands Minister of Education, Culture and Science Ingrid Van Engelshofen has announced that she is going to remove the gender field from the identification cards designated for the Dutch in the coming years, considering that this information is “without success”.

    The Minister revealed in a letter addressed to Parliament, which was seen by Agence France-Presse on Saturday, that he intends to cancel this box of identity cards “as of 2024-2025”.

    Van Engelshofen spoke of the authorities’ desire to “limit as much as possible the mention of the gender field”, describing this information as “useless.”

    However, this information will remain on passports under European Union laws.

    The Minister pointed out that “The Netherlands will not be the first member country (in the Federation) does not include the identity cards issued in it the gender field, as the German identity card does not notice that.”

    Gay organizations and members of other sexual minorities hailed this decision, saying it was “an excellent news for people who face day to day problems with this gender slot on their identity card.”

    source: skynews-Agencies

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