Community Events

    The Arab American museum in Dearborn Hosted the First Meeting of the Cultural Forum

    The Arab American museum in dearborn hosted the first meeting of the cultural forum in the presence of its establishing members;

    Ambassador Dr. Ali Ajami
    Dr. Hassan Bazzi
    Mr. Wissam Sharafedine
    Mr. Rifat Al-mandawi
    Mr. Ali Al-sindi
    The ceremony included a lecture on the Arabic language by Dr. Hassan Bazzi followed by poetry readings by The following poets:
    Ambassador Dr. Ali Ajami, poet Ebaa Ismail, poet Shayeb Al-Zourbi, poet Ahmed Al-Ansari, poet Yassin Badawi, poet Hussam Sharafedine , and poet Rifat Al-Mandawi
    The ceremony was concluded with souvenier photos.

    Source: Ismail Jomaa/ Dearborn.org