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    A new scientific innovation .. Air conditioner “kills Corona”

    Researchers at the University of Houston, Texas, in the United States, have created an air conditioner, which they say is able to “catch” particles of the Corona virus flying in the air, and “kill it immediately”.

    According to the “Medical Express” scientific site, on Tuesday, researchers at the university, led by the director of the superconducting center in Zhifeng Rin, participated in the development of the air conditioner, in addition to Munther Hourani, CEO of “Medistar” company concerned with developing medical projects.

    Details of the new innovation were published in the scientific journal “Today Physics”.

    The researchers conducted a laboratory experiment that showed that 99.8 percent of the corona viruses in the air had been killed, after turning on the conditioner.

    The conditioner uses nickel foam in the process of trapping viruses and heating its temperature, in preparation for “killing it”.

    Researchers believe this innovation can be used in airplanes, offices, schools, and other overcrowded facilities.

    They point out that the new air conditioner limits the outbreak of the Corona virus, which causes “Covid-19”, which is sweeping the world, and has so far killed more than half a million people.

    source: skynews

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