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    New York authorities recover remains of woman who disappeared 50 years ago

    The authorities in New York have identified the remains of a woman who had disappeared over 50 years ago.
    In October 1966 Louise Pietrewicz, who was then 38 years old, had closed her bank account and left Long Island together with her bethrothed, William P. Boken, then a Police officer.
    Pietrewicz’s bones were discovered about two weeks ago, buried in the the ground under a house in Long Island which had belonged to Boken, who had died in 1982.
    After a newspaper came out with this case in an article, interest was rekindled about how this woman had died, and the case had ben re-opened in October last year.
    On Wednesday a medical examiner identified her remains and took DNA samples from her relatives, which confirmed identification of her remains.
    Pietrewicz’s daughter, Sally Blampied, said she still recalls the last time she had seen her mother, when she had been just twelve years old. Her mother had taken her to get the school transport. The daughter insisted with the  newspaper that her mother would never have abandoned her, and had she still been alive, she would have called her to meet up.
    A day before Pietrewicz disappeared, she had withdrawn $1,273.80 from her bank account and closed it. On the following day she had resigned from the Police force, having called in sick three days earlier.

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