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    Chinese netizens say they will ‘fight to death’ and ‘play the game’ in US-China trade war

    Far from backing down, Chinese netizens are calling for their country to “fight back” as China and the United States continue their economic sabre-rattling amid fears of a trade war.
    The show of solidarity with the Chinese Government and China’s threat to hit back run contrary to US President Donald Trump’s suggestion on Sunday — that China would ease trade barriers because “it is the right thing to do”.
    Last week, Mr Trump directed US trade officials to identify tariffs on an additional $100 billion of Chinese imports on top of the $US50 billion worth the US announced just days earlier.
    China warned the US that it would learn a “painful lesson” if it followed through, while users on Chinese social media platform Weibo were quick to show their patriotism by cheering their country on.

    If America is going to play this game, we have 1.4 billion Chinese people to play to the end,” user Koukouliang wrote.

    “Let’s fight back! China’s got the power that could not be defeated randomly by any other country,” wrote another.
    “China must win this trade war!”
    Similarly, another netizen said “we can only fight to death” if the “enemy” — referring to the US — did not want to spare China from the tariffs.
    Meanwhile, others feared a trade war could cause massive price spikes on everyday goods, such as iPhones and soy beans.

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