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    Detroit police arrest protesters blocking buses from picking up kids for summer school

     Police have arrested protesters who were blocking buses from picking up children for summer school classes on Thursday in Detroit.

    The arrests come on the fourth consecutive day of such protests. This time protesters were blocking buses at a yard in the 12600 block of Westwood Street near Evergreen Road and I-96 on the city’s west side.

    After the arrests, school buses were able to leave the bus garage to go pick up kids for summer school.

    On Monday, the Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) said 20 percent of students who wanted to get to summer school and volunteered for face-to-face instruction missed the bus on the first day because of the protest.

    In-person summer school is being offered at 25 facilities.

    The protesters said even though the summer schooling is optional for students, and is staffed by volunteer teachers, they do not believe it should be offered at all amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    source: ClickOnDetroit

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