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    This shop will let you pay for your groceries with a SELFIE

    A shop in the city of Guangzhou in northwest China is letting customers pay foe their groceries with a selfie.
    All you need to do is approach the counter, flash a thumbs-up and the camera there will take a picture of you.
    The cutting-edge software was tested out by British photographer Dan Wolfe, who picked up a couple of drinks and a snack while out and about in the city earlier this month.
    The system works as an extension of the WeChat app, which enables peer-to-peer mobile payments and is hugely successful in China.
    According to reports, the process is extremely fast and takes only 0.3 seconds – with an accuracy rating of 95%.
    It also means that stores could feasibly run 24 hours a day with no need for staff – which may have repercussions for local jobs in the area.
    Interestingly, similar concepts are being pursued both in the United States and here in the UK.
    Tesco boss Dave Lewis has confirmed that the UK’s biggest supermarket chain is looking at building stores without traditional checkouts.
    Instead, artificial intelligence will be used to calculate when an item is removed from a shelf and taken out of the store – automatically debiting your account when appropriate.
    The move could well be a response to Amazon’s recently revealed Amazon Go supermarket , which uses this method to provide customers with a more streamlined shopping experience.
    We trial lots and lots of things – the thing you refer to, yes – but we’ll only talk about it when we’ve done it everywhere,” the Tesco CEO told a press conference.
    At the moment, Amazon’s checkout-free stores only exist in the US, but the retail giant may launch them here in the UK soon .
    It’s not clear if you’ll have to offer up a selfie in exchange for your weekly shop just yet though.

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