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    Norway: In this village it is forbidden to die

    The village of Longyearbyen in Norway has only 2,144 inhabitants, but holds some records: the northernmost bowling alley, the northernmost bar or the northernmost commercial airport in the world. Even the northernmost Dönerstand in Europe can be found there. 
    It is so far north that it is closer to Alaska  than to parts of Europe.
    That is also the reason why the soil in the area is frozen throughout . The so-called permafrost has an active upper layer and immediately below a permanently frozen section. 
    Viruses on ice
    Because of this, people can not be buried there. This frozen layer lies exactly in the depths, in which also corpses are usually buried. 
    However, the ice ensures that not only the bodies are preserved, but also the diseases in which the humans have died. 
    This problem was first recognized in 1950 by the villagers. At that time, research revealed that victims of the massive flu epidemic of 1918 were still not decayed.They also carried pathogens in themselves. The said flu epidemic then eliminated 5 percent of the world’s population. 
    Please die outside
    Sick and old people will be transported to warmer Oslo before they die, spending their last days there. If there is an emergency, the patients are taken to the nearest hospital. This is about two hours away. 
    In order to maintain the system, Longyearbyen has no old age home and generally tries to keep the population young. 
    The weirdest laws
    But that’s not the only absurd rule the villagers have to follow. 
    Due to the constant threat of polar bears, it is mandatory to carry a weapon.One of the first seminars that students at the local university have to attend is a polar bear defense class.
    In addition, all adult residents have an alcohol card, on which their purchases are stamped. The alcohol is there so tight that every buyer only 24 cans of beer, two bottles of high-percentage alcohol and half a liter of wine a month are allowed. 
    Even cats have been banned in the Norwegian village, because you do not want to endanger the resident polar birds. 
    So if you are not a fan of cats, old people or decent temperatures, should definitely register Longyearbyen as a resort.

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