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    Instagram stars and models on their private plane to Las Vegas moments before it crashed onto golf course killing all six on board

    Four of the six people who died when their private plane crashed during a flight from Arizona to Las Vegas on Monday have been identified as Instagram stars, models and nightclub promoters.
    Models Mariah Coogan, 23, and Helena Lagos, 22, nightlife promoter Anand ‘Happy’ Patel, 26, and nightclub host and aspiring pilot James Pedroza, 28, were all on board the Piper PA-24 Comanche when it crashed into a golf course moments after taking off at around 9pm.
    They spent the weekend at the Phoenix Lights Festival and were on their way back to Las Vegas.  
    Before they took off from Scottsdale Airport, Coogan shared videos from the plane on her Instagram story. 
    She excitedly filmed herself in her seat and spun the camera round to show Patel who she affectionately called by his nickname Happy.
    Authorities will not confirm who was flying the plane but they confirmed that it was not Pedroza, who owned it and who was in the process of obtaining his license. 
    Neither the FAA nor the National Transportation Safety Board will comment on their ongoing investigations into the crash.  
    It was first reported that the 1970 aircraft caught fire in the air. Now, investigators are looking into whether it was equipped to carry six people and if too many were onboard.  
    The plane belonged to Pedroza who boasted about purchasing it on Instagram on February 7.

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