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    Dearborn Heights businesses honoring veterans, service members with freebies

    Dearborn Heights businesses are gearing up to honor veterans for their service, offering free menu items, meals and even haircuts.

    The week of Nov. 5 to 11 marks Dearborn Heights’ 12th annual Veterans Week, organized by resident Maria Ellul Langlois.

    Ellul Langlois said she’s always had a heart for veterans.

    Ellul Langlois said her brother, cousin and godfather served as Marines, and that she has one godchild in the Army and another in the Air Force.

    The honorary perks are not only offered to all veterans, but also all active duty servicemen and -women. Proper military identification, such as a post membership, hospital veteran’s card, or discharge papers, are required to receive the gifts.

    Ellul Langlois said the business owners participating this year have an avid attitude in honoring veterans.

    Haider Koussan, owner of Greenland Market, said he has been involved in the event for the past seven years.

    “I want them to feel that they are never forgotten and that we look up to them,” he said. “They are our mentors and we appreciate them for giving their life for our country because obviously everything that we have, freedom, and everything else, comes because of them.”


    Source: Press&Guide

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