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    Election tour of the mayor O’Reilly and chief Haddad

    Mayor Jack O’Reilly and police chief Ronald Haddad visited the Bekaa mosque and then the American Islamic Society to speak about the elections to be held in Dearborn.
    “We are dealing with everyone on the principle of equality and what we want is for every citizen to have a chance to be successful and our goal is for all citizens to succeed regardless of where they came from. You will always get our support, so that the city will be at your service to do what you want and fulfill your wishes. “
    “From 9 years, I am the police chief of this region and the reason why I wish to continue here is that I have great hope, and I deal with all people on the principle of equality and respect” said police chief Ronald.
    Each of them addressed people with heart warming words showing rhere continuous support ti the people and encouraging them to vote in order to achieve there goals
    Ismail Jomaa / Dearborn.org