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    26-year-old weighed 115 kilograms: his change is magical

    Jeffrey Kendall has been dissatisfied with his weight for a long time . He has always had problems with it, was overweight most of his life and would have been bullied as a teenager, he writes on the platform  “Love What Matters” . He had had a bad self-image all his life .
    Again and again he tried to lose weight. But that never really worked. But that should change in 2015.
    “That put everything in a different perspective!”
    Because of a brain aneurysm, his mother was in a coma for over seven months. During this time, he had continued to increase and felt increasingly uncomfortable and unhealthy .
    “Seeing them there has put everything into a different perspective for me,” he tells the magazine People . At this time, the 26-year-old from Torrington in Connecticut weighed about 115 kilograms.
    Kendall lost a total of 30 kilograms
    Kendall started doing sports and eating healthier food. He went jogging every day with a friend who had just been through a breakup. Within the first year, he lost 25 kilograms, now it is 30. The result he posted on the online platform “Reddit”.
    To his surprise, he received thousands of compliments and the mail of his transformation  spread ten thousand times.

    “Some people compared me to a Disney prince. That’s the biggest compliment I can get! “

    He inspires and inspires thousands of people
    He has more than 11,000 followers on his  Instagram account in less than two months . 
    His followers see Kendall as a great inspiration and many want to follow his example. For example, one user shared her story of how she grew up nurturing her disabled fiancé, inspired by Kendall and now living healthier again. 
    The positive reactions motivated the 26-year-old to continue and pursue new dreams. He now wants to start as a model and actor.

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