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    How to check internet speeds

    When you sign up to a broadband provider, you’re promised speeds which at the time seem great, until you’re struggling to watch your favourite Netflix show on your laptop in your room.
    Lots of things can interfere with your Wi-Fi connection and result in a sluggish performance.
    And before you start to find the cause and remedy your connection issues, you should find out what your current speeds are. This way, you’ll have something to measure against when you are trying all sorts to boost your speeds.
    Or maybe you have great internet speeds but just want to find out!
    Either way, here is how to run an internet speed test.
    The two speeds you’ll be measuring is the broadband upload and download speeds, the latter being more important. 
    The download is how fast you can get information from the internet, such as how fast a file will download or how fast it will load a website. 
    The upload is the exact opposite. So how fast you can upload a file and how fast you can give websites information. 
    You might notice that when you press submit on a website, like buying something online, that’s when it uploads the information you’ve entered to the website server. 
    A good home speed is usually over 18Mbps, however, for business users, it’s a bit more complicated with most ranging between 100Mbps and 1Gbps. 

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