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    Trump ‘looking forward’ to moving US embassy to Jerusalem

    Donald Trump says he’s “looking forward” to moving the US embassy to Jerusalem next month. He struck an eager tone on Twitter, ahead of the opening of an interim facility on May 14 – the date of Israel’s 70th Independence Day.
    Tagging Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the post, Trump thanked the Israeli people and declared the US has “no better friends anywhere.”
    A consulate base in the Arnona neighborhood of Jerusalem has been converted to house the US embassy. The site will host the US Ambassador’s office and the offices of a small number of staff. There are plans to add an annex by the end of 2019.
    The decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital in December represented a break from the official US policy of remaining an independent arbiter in the dispute. The move also sparked weeks of violent protests from Palestinian across the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The UN General Assembly passed a motion condemning Trump’s announcement by 128 to nine, with 35 abstentions.

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