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    Seven years after the death of the Libyan leader and the fall of his regime, those who remain of his eight biological children and two adoptive ones are forgotten in a palace of the Sultanate of Oman or even in Tripoli

    the cemetery, the prison or the courtrooms have often been mentioned to describe life after Moamer Kadhafi’s children. Bullshit. Most of them have been forced into exile but have little to complain about, given the charges they face. Announced as dead, some would even be quietly stashed in Tripoli. It goes as far as to mention the return to the foreground of Saif al-Islam, the eldest sibling whom the dictator felt as a successor. As for Safia, the matriarch, who has called on the United Nations to help her find the remains of her husband, she is peacefully watching over her children and grandchildren like all the grandmothers of the world. Proof that Gaddafi does not necessarily rhyme with punishment. Inventory.
    1. Aicha, volcano still erupting
    “Eye for eye, tooth for tooth.” These avenging words launched in July 2008 in Geneva by the eruptive Aisha Kadhafi to the address of the Swiss authorities are still in everyone’s memory. That day, the only biological daughter of the dictator had come to proclaim the anger of his family after Hannibal, his turbulent little brother, had spent two nights on the violin for mistreating servants. Silly nicknamed Claudia Schiffer of the sands because she dyes her hair blond, the international lawyer, now 42 years old, fled to Algeria with her mother, Hannibal and her half-brother, Mohamed. After giving birth to a girl on the way, the one that the UN had the good idea to raise to the rank of ambassador of goodwill settled with her in a state residence made available by President Bouteflika . But the natural returning to gallop, the pasionaria resumed its foucades, asking the skin of the traitors, the revenge for the martyrs, the death of NATO and Nicolas Sarkozy against which she lodged a complaint for crimes against humanity. Having managed to convince the European Court of Justice to lift its travel ban in 2016, Aïcha is now spending happy days in Muscat, in a palace in the Sultanate of Oman, where she obtained political asylum, surrounded part of his family.
    2. Hannibal summoned to stand in check
    Nobody either forgot the irascible Hannibal Gaddafi, guilty with his Lebanese wife Aline, of beating and slashing their servants, a Moroccan and a Tunisian, in a suite of the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva. Ten years later, the man who swam down the Champs-Elysees intoxicated at 140 km / h against his back and boxing his wife in luxury hotels in London is less clever, so to speak. The fifth child of the raïs, 40 years old this year, was asked to put his legal escapades and his festivals mopped down by the Sultan of Oman, who also granted him asylum.
    3. The mystery Saif al-Islam
    The confusion is total on the fate of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, 46, the eldest of the seven children that the Libyan autocrat had with his second wife. After fleeing under the guise of a camel herder and being arrested, the one whom the Guide designated as his successor was sentenced to death in absentia in July 2015 and then recently released and amnestied, according to militias. Even better, despite an arrest warrant issued against him by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, he was finally given the intention last December to run for a presidential election in Libya that could be held this year.
    It is said to have been stashed in Zentan, in the north-west of the country, or in Tobruk or even abroad. The mystery remains whole.
    4. Mohamed, the discreet
    Born in 1970 from the first marriage of the colonel and only son of the couple who divorced the same year, Mohamed Kadhafi is the other elder of the tribe, in a way. Influential as well as discreet, the former president of the telecommunications and Libyan National Olympic Committee, captured by the rebels on August 21, 2011, managed to escape a week later and flee to Algeria. In 2013, he reportedly received political asylum in Oman, where he would live with his family.
    5. Milad, the invisible
    Of the other adopted son of the leader, the very discreet Milad Abouthaya, who would also be his nephew is said, we know very little, except that he would have saved the colonel during the US bombardment of April 14 1986, an attack that allegedly killed Hana. We do not even know his age and where he might reside.
    6. Hana Road passes through Switzerland
    Officially, Hana Gaddafi, the little orphan whom the Guide would have collected herself after the death of her Palestinian parents, died at the age of 6 months, in 1986, during the bombing of the colonel’s residence by the Americans. The truth would be quite different. According to sources more or less verifiable, the favorite child of the dictator would be in fact his adulterine daughter and alive. According to a witness quoted in 2011 by the very serious German newspaper Welt am Sonntag , Hana is a doctor and would still live in Tripoli. “In Libya, the fact that she studied at the Faculty of Medicine in Tripoli is an open secret,” says Die Welt. At the time, the newspaper had obtained a copy of a document on the Swiss assets of Kadhafi frozen under international sanctions. A list of 23 members of the clan on which the name of Hana Gaddafi appears in seventh position, with a date of birth, November 11, 1985. Quoted by the media, a spokesman for the Swiss government reportedly said: “There are why this name is on the list but we will not make it public. “
    7. Khamis and 8. Saif al-Arab, dead or alive?
    Doubts also persist about the alleged death of two other sons of Kadafhi: Saif al-Arab, the sixth of the siblings, born in 1980, and Khamis, the youngest, three years his junior. The first, a simple German-trained officer in charge of suppressing the rebellion in Benghazi, was said to have been killed with his three children by a NATO air strike on his house on April 30, 2011, ten days after death of his father. But in 2013, he Cavaliere Silvio Berlusconi himself, who cultivated special ties with the Gaddafi clan when he was president of the Italian Council of Ministers, had himself expressed doubts about the issue, adding that “even the death of small children seemed unfounded “.
    As for Khamis, commander of the elite unit of special forces, nicknamed Brigade Khamis, announced killed by insurgents in August 2011 in Tarhouna, 90 km southeast of Tripoli, he would have reappeared according to witnesses cited by the French magazine Le Point , which ensures that a recent video of the Libyan national television shows it alive and well in military uniform.
    9. Mouatassim, liquidated at Sirte
    Nobody, however, questioned the death in circumstances described as disorders of Mouatassim Kadhafi, born in 1975, doctor and main competitor of Saif al-Islam to succeed the colonel. The body of the man whom the Guide had promoted to the head of the National Security Council and his own elite unit, then dismissed following suspicions of attempted coup, before rehabilitating him shortly before the start of the insurrection. of the Libyan people, was found in Sirte, shot in the head and amputated with one hand, a few hours after the death of his father.
    10. Saadi, the burnt headIt was first as a footballer that Saadi Kadhafi, born in 1973 and third in the family, made headlines. Engaged in 2003 by AC Perugia, club of Italian first division, he was sentenced to 8 months suspension for doping. To occupy him, his father then appointed him head of the Libyan Football Federation and enlisted in the army. Refugee in Niamey, Niger, after the fall of the regime, it was handed over to the Libyan authorities in 2014 against, it is said, a ransom of 200 million dollars. Accused of murdering a football coach in Tripoli in 2005, he was finally cleared and acquitted on 3 April, despite overwhelming evidence and testimony.

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