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    Some Southwest flight 1380 passengers reportedly have received $5,000 checks from the airline

    Southwest Airlines is compensating some passengers of Flight 1380 after a blown jet engine forced an emergency landing and lead to one death and seven injuries.
    According to reports from CNN and Fox News, passengers received a letter from Southwest with checks for $5,000 as well as a $1,000 travel voucher.
    “We value you as our customer and hope you will allow us another opportunity to restore your confidence in Southwest as the airline you can count on for your travel needs,” read an excerpt of the letter to one of the flight’s passengers obtained by CNN and Fox.
    Southwest confirmed it had sent the letters and compensation, but would not offer specifics on how much passengers were given.
    “Ours is a company and culture built on relationships,” according to a statement Southwest sent to USA TODAY. “We can confirm the communication and gesture are authentic and heartfelt.”
    Experts believe Southwest could face tens of millions of dollars in legal damages from passengers aboard the flight. 
    The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating whether metal fatigue on a fan blade contributed to the jet’s engine blowing apart, firing shrapnel along the fuselage and smashing a window. Passenger Jennifer Riordan was sucked halfway out the broken window, suffering fatal injuries.

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